¿What is Vision Cylinders?

Vision Cylinders is the new line of LPG composite cylinders category 4 from Gavenplast of Venezuela, with his new state of art plant to meet market demand on Caribbean & Latin-American countries.

Step up safety level, maintenance cost reduction, longer lifetime in heavy duty condition, positioning composite technology as the most efficiency solution, improving & updating new standars by Technical Committees worldwide.


Cylinder Components


Cylindrical thread ISO 26 x 1.5-6h allow to be firmly installed on composite cylinder, but it isn't required high torque to seal it. An elastomeric o-ring system allow to seal it. An elastomeric o-ring system allow to seal the internal plastic liner where the LPG is contained. Due to the fact that plastic liner is made of HDPE, valve use a deflector to reduce the risk of static charge during filling process on cylinder. A safety valve is integrated to release any pressure above 20 Bar (375 PSI) for same propose.


Protective Plastic Cover: Carcasa protectora exterior

Made in HDPE, with UV Protection. Two (2) parts construction: the top & the basket. Both parts are assembled with the composite cylinder, allowing easy handle, transportation & resistant to environment.









Reinforced Plastic Cylinder:

Cilindro contenedor

The plastic liner is reinforced by filament winding process. Fiber glass impregnated with epoxy resin is wrapped around all geometry of the liner where it had been weld the neck & the valve will be installed.

The principle of cylinder is like the tire of a bike, with an inflated chamber of air (the tube). Composite technology allow to reduce dramatically the weight of the cylinder up to 50% compared with steel ones.